Technology for Executive Functioning Support

Purposeful Technology:

Support for Executive Functioning:

Students with disabilities (SWDs) typically have deficits in Executive functioning skills and memory.  And yet, how often I hear teachers say - he has to write his homework assignments down every day in all his classes in his 'Reminder Binder' and have it checked by the teacher before he goes home! 

Meanwhile, the student's cell phone is buried in the bottom of his backpack upon threat of confiscation should it make an appearance during the school day!  It will distract him and others, he will get into trouble with it, he will be texting his friends, are the reasons given for banning this device which could be the key to supporting the student's executive functioning skills! 

Just as students learn appropriate behaviors for the school and classroom, better to include appropriate cell phone / electronic device use and allow this device to become the 'administrative assistant' to the student!  Can a Reminder Binder really 'remind' him when parts of an assignment are due?  Can a Reminder Binder take a photo of the homework assignment and archive it for future reference?  Does a Reminder Binder automatically enter key dates and times into the student’s calendar and allow online viewing by the student's parent?

Technology is now an incredible assistive tool for students with delays in executive functioning!  It is our job as Special Educators to debunk the myths about electronic device use and allow these tools to revolutionize the way SWDs access their education.  Learn more during my session at FETC; Using Educational Technology to Provide Universal Access to Instruction.  Clearing away the need for cognitive challenges related to the day to day organizational skills for a student with executive functioning challenges can open up the world of higher cognitive thinking and problem solving.  Come think outside the traditional box with your fellow innovative educators at #FETC - Special Education track!    Hope to see you there!

Mary Schillinger